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Discipleship Moment: Cookies for Soldiers

Cathy Schimmels, a staff member of St. John’s Campus Care, prayed about how St.John’s could bless those who serve in the military. Her idea was having the school children write thank you notes, and those that wanted to bake cookies could add to the package we would send to our troops in order to encourage them.

With the support of Pastor Jeff Hesse and the help of Alan Lull, we sent over 20lbs of cookies to her family member and his troop. These servicemen were amazed and sent a “Thank You” note with photos.

The family of St. John’s continually supports and prays for our troops. The servicemen that received the cookies and Thank You notes were touched by the love of God.

This service project was started with a prayer and an act of kindness. We are joyful to be able to Connect, Care and Share in Christ.

Thank God for the opportunity of Discipleship in as many places as possible and to serve others as they, in turn, serve us!