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Faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead, God is already there.

Dear Fellow Disciples of our Lord Jesus, Children of our Heavenly Father through baptism, and Faith-filled Members of St. John’s,

Over the past few months St. John’s received a significant financial gift because of the godly estate planning of one of her families. A portion of the gift designated for our school and worship ministries was placed into the appropriate St. John’s Foundation accounts; the remainder of the gift was designated to St. John’s general fund. St. John’s Leadership Board prayerfully designated the monies to pay down St. John’s debts, one being the line of credit.

What is the godly response to such news? What goes through your mind, your heart, and your soul upon hearing this news?

We, as well as other leaders who are more familiar with the behind-the-scene details of this unexpected blessing, have experienced a whole myriad of emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions. We have seen tears of awe, joy, and disbelief shed. It’s also been profoundly encouraging! However, we’ve wondered, questioned, and feared how such a gift might actually be seen as an opportunity for our members to step away from godly offerings. We’ve been reminded of God’s faithfulness, as referenced in the image and words above.

In your quiet moments, your times of prayer and reflection, we encourage you to not only consider the questions above, but to explore the Scriptures and pray with thanksgiving for protection, guidance, and courage. Here are a few passages you may find helpful:

Isaiah 55: 9-11
2 Corinthians 9: 6-15
Isaiah 41: 8-10
Psalm 34: 1-9
Hebrews Chapter 13

Thank you for your partnership in St. John’s Mission and Vision. If you have thoughts and questions, join us in the lower level this Sunday, 4-5:30. In the meantime, thank you for your prayers as we continue to serve our Lord and His people. Your Leadership Board, along with with all of St. John’s staff and leaders, join you in prayer to our Gracious God.

In His service,

Rich Buss, Leadership Board President
Jeff Dorth, Senior Pastor