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Our Time is Now – A Celebration!

As you know, on Monday, August 27th – two days before school started – we experienced the terrible flood. What a challenge our Heavenly Father put before us! Within two weeks, the Foundation Board, with the approval and encouragement from the Leadership Board, addressed the congregation and spearheaded the financial efforts to raise $200,000 to cover expected expenses and recovery costs. We asked you to pray, to look within yourself to help financially, and to tell others.

That was just over 3 months ago. Through the hundreds of hours of clean-up and damage control by our staff and other volunteers, through the many prayers and conversations – I can tell you we met God’s challenge! We have raised over $188,000, and the Foundation will make a donation to close the gap to $200,000!

Through these efforts in meeting this challenge, we also demonstrated what it is to be part of “Discipleship in as many places as possible.” The gifts of other churches both locally and from other states, the gifts from friends and family outside of St. John’s, and of course the gifts of our members embodied this discipleship in conversation, prayers, and action.

On a personal basis, my favorite example was the 3k to 8th grade at St. Paul’s Grafton. The children donated their chapel offerings for the month of October to assist in the flood relief. Can you just imagine the conversations with parents and other family members that took place and the opportunity they had to learn stewardship. By the way – they donated almost $1,000.

God challenged us, and while we rallied around “Our Time is Now,” we know it was through Him we were able to achieve this remarkable result within 97 days.

It is no coincidence that celebrate God’s provision as we start the Advent season – with joyful hearts and thankfulness for the greatest gift of all – Jesus birth.

Thank you to an awesome group of people I am privileged to call brothers and sisters in Christ!

Derrick Iseler
Chairman, St. John’s West Bend Foundation Board