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Philemon 1:6

“I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ.” Philemon 1:6

Philemon, this tiny book at the back of your bibles, discusses the concept of partnership in the work of the Gospel. Interesting enough, one of the main actions of partnership expressed is in the sharing or “sending” of workers and people who carry the message of Jesus as they serve in a new location.

Camp Luther and St. John’s have long been in this same kind of partnership, and it continues to grow and bear fruit for the work of the Gospel. Pastor Jeff Dorth and Doug Raddemann, and their families, both spend a week serving at Camp each summer. Leading in worship, teaching in bible studies, meeting with staff counselors, campers, families on vacation, and many more formal and informal activities give an opportunity to minister in and through God’s Word. St. John’s was again represented on Camp’s Summer Staff through Savannah Ross, Counselor, and Shelby Dorth, Junior Counselor. The presence of these dear servants allowed for families of St. John’s to drop off their kids for a week of fun and faith, while being greeted by a familiar face and a trusted presence of care. And of course, the Holmquist family has been utilizing Camp Luther to strengthen the discipleship of their household for decades.

St. John’s does a fair amount of sending, but we are also well served in this partnership. Ask our Men’s Retreat guys about the experience they have at camp each May, and the blessing and beauty of the facility and grounds. Talk to Alan and dozens of kids and parents that head up north in the dead of winter and experience no shortage of recreation and re-creation in worship and the Word. Camp Luther gave away four free weeks of camp to St. John’s families this year, a $1200 value. Their staff led one of our School chapel services and will be visiting St. John’s for worship this coming school year. And, in an expression of care for Church Workers, camp makes their lakeside cottages available for free throughout the entire off-season to any of our many staff servants.

God is at work through this partnership! Generations are blessed, workers are cared for, ministry is built, families are strengthened in their work of discipleship, kids have fun and grow in faith simultaneously, and God’s grace in Jesus is shared and experience through all of it. Discipleship in as many places as possible? Without a doubt, thank you Lord! “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit” Philemon 1:25.

There are many exciting things going on at Camp Luther ( & Links can also be found on our website and APP. Don’t miss out on the work they are doing to build a new Community Center, which will house a new dining hall. Our Men’s Retreat will be the first guest group to use the space, pending completion.