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St. John’s Flood Waters – Update

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8: 28
St. John’s campus has experienced a natural disaster; over 40,000 square feet in three buildings was covered with dirty water. St. John’s is experiencing supernatural Godsends! Both realities are true. The pictures provide a glimpse of these realities. “A picture may be worth a thousand words,” yet, what’s been of more worth to me are the abundant acts of service and expressions of support shared over the past couple days. We are truly experiencing supernatural Godsends, as our Lord works, speaks, and writes through people. The following email was sent out Monday night by Derrick Iseler, St. John’s Foundation Chairman.
Dear Foundation Board Members,
As you have probably heard by now our campus suffered major losses from the recent downpour of 7 plus inches of rain.  The School and ECC were flooded from the ECC all the way through-out the gym.  The lower level of the church was flooded as well.  Thanks to fast thinking staff individuals, Servpro was called and out to our campus early this morning.  Currently they have 9 separate trucks and a huge generator on campus.  Their efforts are being led by their Disaster Recovery Response Team.  Again, thanks to our staff to have had previous dealings with them and the owner who is a Wisconsin Lutheran the efforts received a fast start.  We had somewhere between 40 and 60 staff and members working hard all day and it is still going on.  There are dumpsters filled with ruined items from the school such as book cases, carpet, bean bag chairs and anything with fabric as this has to be tossed out when Class 3 Water comes into contact with them.  The entire area must be sanitized before reused.  While I am not an estimator – from previous experience this will cost well over a $100,000.  The majority will not be covered under insurance as water seepage or flood is not covered but back-up of sewer is covered and typically for a low limit.
Our Time is Now!
I truly believe this is the time our Foundation stands up and takes the lead in raising funds to meet this financial crisis we find ourselves in.  We can immediately start a specific fund within Campus Care to be utilized for this extensive water damage.  We can communicate quickly the need to the congregation and how they can financially assist.  As you have read in the email that went out today, our staff is doing everything to help our families of the ECC by opening tomorrow in other locations on campus.  This is a great time for the congregation to respond to support our staff and families.
I know this is short notice but if you agree this is the role of our Foundation we need to meet Wednesday at 7:30 pm for a one hour meeting.  Please share your thoughts by reply all as soon as you can.
Blessings, Derrick
Please join me in prayer to our God who has allowed this disaster to befall us. Thank Him for the many Godsends that have already come our way and praise Him for the reminders that He’s at work in all situations, wet and dry, to accomplish His good and gracious will.
More information and pictures to come,
Pastor Jeff Dorth