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Taste and See that the Lord is Good!

What is your favorite ice cream? Maybe it’s a crazy concoction or simply vanilla. God provides unique ice cream, as He provides for all of us in unique ways. Let’s say “Thank you!” to God for providing ice cream. What else has God provided? Let’s see what He is doing at St. John’s as He continues to provide, through missions, in unique ways.

This weekend Rev. Shauen Trump will be with us to share about Kenya and how disciples are being built up, the gospel is growing, and many are hearing and responding to the great news of Jesus Christ.

The Mission Ministry at St. John’s also celebrates Christ in support of Bethania Kids/India in building a new home for 60 orphan girls along with hundreds of others that are being built up as Christian leaders.

Besides missions in India, mission work continues through Pastor Gui who has two churches here in Milwaukee. God has continued to provide by opening another seven churches in Congo, Africa that are flourishing.

God also provides in unique ways in our partnership and support of Harvest House and Milwaukee Rescue Mission, in our own back yard. God is cooking up some delicious treats that share not only food and bread, but the bread of life from Heaven – Jesus. Each month, thousands of people hear about Jesus and get a meal as well as a safe place to sleep.

Our Partnership with the Lutheran Hour Ministry also allows God to provide through Katia, in Lebanon, just one country of 50 that Lutheran Hour Ministry brings Christ to the nations and the nations to the church. St. John’s is caring for Katia, who is in a very dangerous place where she could be arrested for sharing Jesus. The hand of God is spreading the Good News for His mission, and St. John’s is honored to support it.

There are so many other ministries like LWML, which raises millions to share the gospel in so many different ways. Yet missions is right outside our church door. Each week hundreds of people come into contact with those reading this. . .including you! Reach out more and with a smile, gentle word, and kind act of service and prayer – be God’s unique mission with those that may have never known that the Lord is good.

Please contact the church office if you have any questions or want to get more involved with what God is doing in our community and the world. The Lord provides in unique ways, and it is our mission to Connect, Care, and Share in Christ.