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Thankful for Retreat Ministries

Happy Thanksgiving! As the Family of St. John’s continues to live out the vision of Discipleship in as Many Places as Possible, we focus in this week’s stewardship moment on one the five expressions of our vision, “Havens of Recreation.”

The Retreat Ministry at St. John’s is centered around “RE-creation.” These retreats are places for the men and women and couples of St. John’s to go and be strengthened and nourished in their walk with the Lord, a place to connect on a more personal level with their brothers and sisters at St. John’s, and a place to go where they can set aside the demands of daily life to just be refreshed and renewed.

Stewardship is the management of all of life and life’s resources. YOU are a resource! The management of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health is vital to the life of our congregation! You are worth loving and taking care of, and we thank you that you’ve allowed St. John’s to walk alongside you in this way.

If you look at your app on Friday morning, click on “more” in the bottom right corner, and then go to your “notification inbox” you will see a poll asking your how many retreats you and your family have attended over the years. If you are someone who has invested many years in the ministry, we thank you for helping make the retreats the blessings that they are to our congregation. If you’ve never attended, keep an eye on the app and other communication tools at St. John’s to see how you can get plugged into this incredible ministry!