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The Journey of Our First Fruit Offerings

Have you ever wondered what happens to our First Fruit Offering when we give thanks to God for all that He has given us? There are some very practical things that the family of St. John’s needs to do, ministry considerations, and lots and lots of prayer and seeking God’s will.

When First Fruits are given, depending on the form that they take, they are gathered, sorted, counted, recorded, deposited, distributed, and used to do the work of the head, heart, and hands of Jesus. Many of these tasks are supported by our business office, but a large number of steps are done by the generous time and talents of volunteers in the Finance Ministry.

The Finance Ministry consists of counting teams, Team Captains, a Financial and Assistant Financial Secretary, and many others who are doing the work of Discipleship in as many places as possible because stewardship is discipleship and discipleship is stewardship.

Giving back to the Lord the best that He has given us touches every member of the large St. John’s family. Staff, volunteers, members, and guests all benefit when we honor the Lord with all our resources and practice systematic, proportionate, first-fruit giving to our church home.

So, the next time you click the “give” heart on the app, use the giving page on the website, or place your first fruit offering in the basket during worship, say a prayer for all of the people that make it possible for us to continue to Connect, Care, and Share in Christ.