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The Lord Provides In Abundance, through His People

On Friday, March 22, 170 guests gathered for the 16th Annual St. John’s Dinner Auction, “Sweet Sixteen.” Thank you for those who were able to attend, and for those who couldn’t, thank you for keeping the auction in your prayers. It was a wonderful evening to celebrate the mission and vision of St. John’s while enjoying Christian fellowship and some competitive bidding.

Our Lord continues to bless the ministries of St. John’s. He blesses us with supportive members, parents, and businesses. He also blesses us with dedicated staff, talented students, and strong and faithful leaders. What an amazing God we have! A special Thank You to this year’s auction co-chairs: Julie Buss and Craig Toerpe and to all of our volunteers and donors for providing time, donations, and talents in making this evening a “sweet” event.

The St. John’s Dinner Auction raised over $53,000 to support three exciting projects across our campuses and the world. Please take a moment below to read how these resources will be used to support St. John’s and the larger Church.

Lutheran Hour Ministry – Lebanese Missionary. Discipleship in as Many Places as Possible. This is not just our vision statement at St. John’s, but a call to action for our congregation. The Auction is blessed to be partnering with Lutheran Hour Ministries in providing financial and prayerful support for the Lord’s workers in Lebanon.

Air Conditioning in the Elementary and Middle School. This multi-phase, multi-year project will strengthen our school’s educational partnership with families, as well as support summer community ministries that take place in the school. Phase 1 of this project includes upgrading the electrical in the school to handle the necessary power drawn from our new AC units.

Faith Haven. There is a large group of volunteers who are assisting in the “restoring and repairing” of Faith Haven. There are a few repair projects that are necessary for Faith Haven to continue to be used by the congregation. A portion of the auction proceeds will assist in this endeavor.

As you read above, this year’s auction is another example of how St. John’s lives out its mission and vision. Again, THANK YOU for those who were able to attend, for resources raised up before and after the event, for all of the volunteers who assisted, and again for your prayers. Indeed, we have incredible God who showers His blessings on us all, each and every day!