Connections E-Newsletter – December 24, 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,
As you make your final Christmas plans, I pray and hope that worship is a priority for you and your household of faith. There is still space at the following worship services today:
9:30 AM (Contemporary)
11:00 AM (Family Service)
1:00 PM (Traditional)
11:00 PM (Candlelight)
If you plan on worshiping with us in person, please arrive at least ten minutes early to facilitate the check-in process and provide enough time and space for social distancing.
Should you choose to worship with us online, the following services will be livestreamed through our website, the St. John’s App, Facebook, and archived on our Youtube channel:
11:00 AM Christmas Eve
5:00 PM Christmas Eve
9:30 AM Christmas Day
May the light of the newborn Christ Child shine into your household of faith this Christmas Season! 
Connecting, Caring, and Sharing in Christ
The weekend of January 3 AND January 10 we will have the updated Connections Books available in the gathering space for pick up.
The Connection Books will NOT have covers on them. Each member should simply replace the “guts” of their old book and use the slipcover they currently have. (there will be a small pile of covers available if someone needs a new one). 
It’s Good to be Together in the Lord
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2021 Contribution Envelopes can be picked up in the Church Gathering Space.
DO NOT use 2021 envelopes until January 1, 2021. After January 1, 2021 DO NOT use prior years envelopes.
Take note that the contribution envelopes will be arranged in NUMERICAL order not alphabetical. Alphabetical lists will be provided in the pickup area in the event a member has forgotten their envelope number. If a member cannot find their contribution envelopes or no envelopes were provided, a sign up sheet will be available to request them.
Assistance from the Finance Ministry Team will be provided on the weekends.
Discipleship in as many places as possible.
Christmas may look a little different for you this year, but there will always be a place for our kids to sing those classic Christmas hymns! Please enjoy hearing from some of the kids at St. John’s, courtesy of our Children’s Ministry and volunteers!
Faithful Disciples, Academic Excellence, Christian Leaders
St. John’s Elementary & Middle School Serve the Community
For the few weeks of December that school was in session, the students and staff decided to serve others. Even though the pandemic has limited ways to help each other, food remains in short supply for many families this year.  
The West Bend community is blessed to have Full Shelf Food Pantry. The food pantry’s success depends on the community’s generosity, and St. John’s Elementary & Middle School decided to assign each class specific items. For two weeks, students and their families brought in nonperishable food and personal items, including peanut butter, pancake mix, syrup, cake mix, shampoo, and more.  
Several classrooms set goals to channel their competitive spirits, while others tracked how much was donated to have visual encouragement. After chapel on Wednesday, December 16, parent volunteers delivered the items to the Full Shelf Food Pantry. The 3rd-grade class volunteered to load all the boxes in the cars for delivery.  
At Full Shelf Food Pantry, volunteers unloaded the boxes and weighed the donation. In total, St. John’s Elementary & Middle School collected five pallets of food and personal items, weighing 1,150 pounds! Fantastic work, through God’s people. It is a wonderful way to encourage Christian leadership and generosity by offering students an opportunity to serve others less fortunate.

Partner Ministries
Contact the office to learn how to join the Living Word Luther High School family.
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Contact the Enrollment Office to learn how to join the CUW family.
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Do you feel God’s Calling to Become a
Pastor or Deaconess?    
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8:00 AM Traditional
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11:00 AM Contemporary

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