Connections E-Newsletter – January 21, 2021
St. John’s Couple’s Day-Treat
Hello St. John’s Couples!
The Lord’s Church invites you! Isn’t that Good News? To be invited to something allows us to say, “Yes, I will be there!” or “No, thank you.” We hope you say “Yes!”
The St. John’s Couple’s Retreat Committee has worked on our next St. John’s annual “getaway” retreat since way back last February (remember back then… before all this pandemic stuff?) We had a blast in Galena, IL learning how we are “Sparked by the Spirit”! It was fun and a bit spicy, especially for some of us! (talk with Pastor Hesse for details). 
We have been planning to return to Galena in 2021 to a new venue . . . an awesome boutique hotel (March 5th-7th). But alas . . . the pandemic! It’s a no-go for Galena and Door County (we tried) for a 2021 getaway retreat this year (at least one that would be up to our normal “standards” of fun, learning, rest, and growth together as married couples).
But . . . don’t let this get you down! When the Lord closes one path, He often provides another option. So, the Couple’s Retreat Committee got to work to see what we could do to bless you and your Household of Faith through this important ministry. We are excited to announce the 2021 St. John’s Couple’s Day-Treat! We don’t have a fancy theme or logo . . . but the idea is to Re-Connect as couples and have some fun . . . laughing together. Maybe the theme could be . . . Let’s Re-Connect – Fun & Marriage!
Invite Details (RSVP Required – see sign-up link below):
What:          2021 St. John’s Couple’s Day-Treat
Let’s Re-Connect – Fun & Marriage!
Where:       St. John’s Lutheran Church – Sanctuary
When:        March 6 from10:00am – 2:00pm
Cost:          $40 per couple – pay at the door by cash or check only (includes lunch and a special gift)
Child Care: Not available
Mask Req.: Yes, masks are required according to current Church protocols.
Livestream or Recorded: No
Spots are limited (approx. 60 couples) due to current protocols. To reserve your spot (first-come, first-served basis), please click on the following Registration Link:
We hope to see you at the 2021 St. John’s Couple’s Day-Treat – invite your married friends! God bless you and your household!
St. John’s Couple’s Retreat Committee
What does Jesus Bring to your Household?
As we heard this weekend, Jesus invites us to bring our garbage to the curb and promises to remove our sin. The time is fulfilled, the Kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe in the gospel! This is the Good News we have the joy to hear, believe and share as part of the Lord’s Church.
What plans can we make in our Households of Faith before the Lord calls us home to Him?
God has provided His spiritual and temporal gifts to each of us in our households. Like the Father of the Prodigal Son, who blessed the wayward son when he returned, we are given provisions underserved yet real. This assurance gives members of the larger Household of Faith (Christ’s Church) a tremendous opportunity. We can make provisions of what we possess during life and within our estates sharing what we are given for those we love – both family and ministry.
Provisions include the temporal ‘things’ like property that we use during life and that we leave behind. We are called to love our family, so we provide for them during life. When we are no longer here, they may not all have the same abilities to benefit from lump sums at once. For example, minor children need management provisions as do loved ones who might be less experienced in managing a budget.
Provisions also include spiritual things, legacy gifts that celebrate the Good News! Such provisions don’t compete but are complementary. Our last will and testament, trusts or beneficiary designations can share both temporal and spiritual blessings with our family in an appropriate way. Sharing spiritual gifts can be a statement of faith to witness to those most dear. It also can be continuing support to advance God’s work on earth. Your St. John’s West Bend Foundation can help. 
Contact Pastor Jeff Hesse at St. John’s Church at (262) 334-4901 / or Craig Toerpe, Gift Planning Counselor of the LCMS Foundation at (262) 707-3005 / to discuss opportunities in your current plans (or a new plan) to take advantage of providing your family and your church the love of God in Jesus. Good News!
The Leadership Board invites all St. John’s members to attend a Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, January 31, at 12:15 in the Sanctuary so we can continue to discuss and plan for our next ministry cycle (2021-2024) and the ends policies that steer our church.
Enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is now open to the community. In a typical year, we would be hosting open houses, welcoming families to come in to meet with our Administrator and staff, and encouraging classroom visits. But, like everything else, we have to adjust the way we connect. Although it is more challenging to share our story during this time of pandemic, blessings abound. We are experiencing a sustained enrollment for the 2021 school year, with an 87% conversion rate of St. John’s ECC K4 students to Kindergarten.
We do not overlook the sacrifices made by our families to prioritize Christian education. St. John’s West Bend’s leaders and administrators are committed to making Christian education possible for families who desire it. St. John’s became a participating school in the Wisconsin Parental Choice (WPC) voucher program in 2018. Since then, WPC has allowed 38 families to be part of the St. John’s family at no cost. 
Because WPC has specific requirements that not all families meet, a family may apply for a scholarship through St. John’s. Thanks to God’s people’s generosity, funds are reserved to grant resources to families who desire a Christian education. To do so, the family simply has a conversation with Mr. Jim Van Dellen and completes a confidential application to show the family’s financial need.
St. John’s is not just a building that sits between 5th & 6th Avenues. Our staff works tirelessly to allow each student to succeed every day. Each day our students hear that they are unique children of God, created for His purpose in His world. Classrooms are places of critical thinking, strategizing, creative expression, and love. We foster God’s purpose for the family, building relationships with and encouraging parents to mold their students into faithful Christian leaders.
This week we had the privilege of witnessing our own families sharing their experiences on an informal, public social media forum, sharing their recommendation on “the best private school in west bend.” Here is what they said:
“St. John’s! We asked our children about attending other schools, and the answer was absolutely not. They love the teachers, students, and even other parents. Raising children is hard at times, but St. John’s West Bend makes it a bit easier because it truly is like a big family helping and caring for each other.” – Nicky, K & 4th-grade parent
“St. John’s is great! My son is in 6th grade and has been there since Kindergarten. I agree 100%. They also have nailed down how to deal with keeping the kids face to face this year!” – Tracy, 6th-grade parent
I’m extremely picky and have high expectations. St John’s has done a fine job. Very proud to have my kids attend school there.” – Krishan, 1st and 4th-grade parent
Families interested in learning more about St. John’s should contact the school office at 262-334-3077 or email
Connecting, Caring, and Sharing in Christ
It’s Good to be Together in the Lord
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Our next “Communion Appointments” for members not able to attend in-person worship will again be during a prescribed time window. RSVPs are required – Please contact the church office!
The window will be Thursday, January 21 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM 
Appointments will be every 10 minutes and will take place in the Sanctuary.
2021 Contribution Envelopes can be picked up in the Church Gathering Space.
DO NOT use prior years envelopes.
Take note that the contribution envelopes will be arranged in NUMERICAL order not alphabetical. Alphabetical lists will be provided in the pickup area in the event a member has forgotten their envelope number. If a member cannot find their contribution envelopes or no envelopes were provided, a signup sheet will be available to request them.
Assistance from the Finance Ministry Team will be provided on the weekends.
Discipleship in as many places as possible.
Faithful Disciples, Academic Excellence, Christian Leaders
Contact St. John’s Elementary & Middle School for Enrollment Options: 262-334-3077 or email
Contact St. John’s Early Childhood Center for Enrollment Options: 262-429-1061 or email
Partner Ministries
Contact the office to learn how to join the Living Word Luther High School family.
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Contact the Enrollment Office to learn how to join the CUW family.
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Pastor or Deaconess?    
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