Connections E-Newsletter – January 7, 2021
Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
There is no doubt that 2020 was a very challenging year. We endured the global pandemic, an economic shutdown that’s left us teetering on financial meltdown, and navigating social unrest during an election year. Whew, that’s a lot of stuff in 365 days. It felt like seven long dog years.
With this in mind, the Leadership Board invites all St. John’s members to attend a Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, January 31, at 12:15 in the Sanctuary so we can continue to discuss and plan for our next ministry cycle (2021-2024) and the ends policies that steer our church.
We asked two questions to think and pray about before our previous meeting. What big picture focus areas (Ends Policies) should we prioritize for the next three years? How will we continue to carry out our mission and vision as the Lord leads in the years to come? There was a good discussion during that meeting, so we want to keep the momentum going.
As you continue to strengthen your Household of Faith in God’s word, think about how you’re living out our Vision Statement, “Discipleship in as many places as possible.”
Please pray and listen for God to reveal His plan for St. John’s. God is good, and we are blessed!
In Christ,
Brian Pesch, Leadership Board President
Connecting, Caring, and Sharing in Christ
The weekend of January 3 AND January 10 we will have the updated Connections Books available in the gathering space for pick up.
1.   Pick up your HARD COPY:
Help yourself to our updated Connections Book. To assist with the cost of the book, we ask that you USE THE SLIPCOVER you currently have. Simply remove your old book from the slipcover and insert the updated copy.
2.  Access the Connection Book electronically via the St. John’s APP.
  • Go to the Connections tab (located at the bottom of your screen)
  • Go to I’m New Here
  • Scroll down to Connections Booklet tab
  • Tap Connections Book to download
3.  Visit our
  • Click on I’m New
  • Scroll down and click on Our Connections Booklet
It’s Good to be Together in the Lord
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Our next “Communion Appointments” for members not able to attend in-person worship will again be during a prescribed time window. RSVPs are required – Please contact the church office!
The window will be Sunday, January 31 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM 
Appointments will be every 10 minutes and will take place in the Sanctuary.
2021 Contribution Envelopes can be picked up in the Church Gathering Space.
DO NOT use 2021 envelopes until January 1, 2021. After January 1, 2021 DO NOT use prior years envelopes.
Take note that the contribution envelopes will be arranged in NUMERICAL order not alphabetical. Alphabetical lists will be provided in the pickup area in the event a member has forgotten their envelope number. If a member cannot find their contribution envelopes or no envelopes were provided, a sign up sheet will be available to request them.
Assistance from the Finance Ministry Team will be provided on the weekends.
Discipleship in as many places as possible.
Faithful Disciples, Academic Excellence, Christian Leaders
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