Joyful Response

St. John’s offers you a way to respond faithfully to live out your stewardship goals by:

  1. Enabling you to give consistently
  2. Helping you to prepare and fulfill your Life Together commitment/goals
  3. Enabling you to share your generosity in a manner that is proportionate and systematic

St. John’s partners with the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) to bring you this wonderful opportunity called Joyful Response. This is a program designed to be simple, safe, convenient and stewardship-minded. Below you will find a few quotes from families here at St. John’s who have been involved with Joyful Response.

We are just happy when we remember all the kids and their appropriate church toys and snacks. Joyful Response keeps us on a steady monthly budget and true to our financial commitment for St. John’s, which is very important to us. Dave and Kelly Lambrecht. Dave serves on our Leadership Board

We no longer have an excuse to give God our “leftovers.” Joyful Response keeps us honest with ourselves and guarantees our first fruit giving every month. Andrew and Marcia Milam. Andrew serves on our Worship Team and Marcia serves at St. John’s Elementary School as teacher of 1st Grade.

Sunday mornings can be hectic! We enjoy the convenience of Joyful Response’ so we can prepare our hearts for worship and know our offerings are taken care of. Josh and Melissa Bobinski. Josh serves as coach for Team 2 “Orange Crush” St. John’s Softball Team.

Click here to print off your Joyful Response form (pdf of St. John’s Joyful Response form)

Offering Envelopes

St. John’s offers a year supply of weekly envelopes during the month of November to all our members. If you currently do not have offering envelopes, please contact the church office at 262-334-4901.

Gifts Beyond Offering: Bequests, Cash, Stocks, etc

There are a variety of ways in which one can financially support ministry at St. John’s. Gifts of cash, through an estate plan, IRA distributions, real estate or stock can all be wonderful gifts.

At St. John’s we encourage all our members to sit down with our Director of Stewardship and Gifting to engage in Lifetime Stewardship discussions, which includes setting up a will, guardianship for children, minor trusts, powers of attorney, etc. These conversations, are not just about leaving a financial gift to the St. John’s West Bend Foundation through your estate; rather, a comprehensive discussion about all areas of life. St. John’s, in partnership with the LCMS Foundation, has resources to help families experience the joy of giving.

Click here to read more about the St. John’s West Bend Foundation