On the Verge

The ministry On the Verge exists to connect young people (20s – early 30s) and build community within St. John’s and in the surround area of West Bend. We provide opportunities for socializing and meeting new people, opportunities to grow in faith and study of scripture, and opportunities to learn from other people in our church about the struggles of life and how to get through. We also put out a weekly blog that focuses on the topic of our monthly #lifetalk (see below).

If you are interested in this ministry, if you feel like you’re On the Verge, or just have some general questions, contact Bekah Karolus at 262-334-4901 or by email using the Contact Form.

#lifetalks – Sharing His story through the struggle of our own.

Join us each month for a life talk with some older, wiser people of our church. These events include a time to soak up the stories of these people, small group discussion, and fellowship with coffee, tea, and snacks.


Are you a college student off in the world attending University outside of West Bend? Click here to locate a church near you!

Are you attending school or working here in the greater West Bend area? Check out On the Verge, or keep your ears open for college- specific events and Bible studies.

When summer rolls around, you won’t want to miss our College Campfires! Every Monday night during the summer, join us for games, snacks, a campfire, and Bible study!