St. John’s Administrative Ministries play an important role in the life of the Church… in many ways “behind the scenes”, but critical to the needs of the people the Lord serves through His Church. Our administrative team is intentional about supporting our mission… Connecting, Caring and Sharing in Christ and our vision… Discipleship in as Many Places as Possible… in ways most people take for granted.

People in our community are served by the Lord every time:

  • An administrative assistant greets/helps someone with a smile or takes a phone call.
  • The campus is cleaned, landscaping manicured, and facilities scheduled and secured.
  • Creative professionals use their God-given skills to communicate to the world what St. John’s offers.
  • Financial resources are budgeted, recorded and managed under the authority of those God has raised up as leaders.
  • Papers are printed, stuffed or mailed to communicate what the Lord is doing at St. John’s.
  • Someone does any one of the hundreds of other little details that helps St. John’s engage God’s people with love and efficiency.

Yes, there is a lot of work going on at St. John’s that is largely unseen, but so important. God’s work is often unseen… and we join the Lord in His work of growing and sustaining His Church in ways that are truly amazing!

If you would like to serve the Lord by volunteering or just have some general questions, you are encouraged to call the church office at 262-334-4901 or by email using the Contact Form

Opportunities for Volunteer Service

Pastor Jeff Hesse, Manager - Administration
Jim Van Dellen, Administrator – St. John’s Elementary & Middle School
Andrew Milam - Communications
Lori Yogerst, Business Office Manager
Janet Hatland, Director - Campus Care


  • Admin. Assistant Phone/Desk Support (School, Church and Early Childhood Center)


  • St. John’s Church Auction Volunteers


  • Web site Support / Maintenance
  • Graphic design
  • Photography

Business Office

  • Counters - Offerings
  • Data entry
  • Recording membership events into church records
  • Stuffers – Information Guide/Mailings

Campus Care

  • Part-time staff position open - Janitorial/Maintenance Application
  • Event set up and take down
  • Weeding, Painting, Cleaning and General Repairs
  • Faith Haven – Lawn Cutting & Maintenance (Campus Care)
  • Campus Decorating