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2021 Men’s Retreat – ReUp

We are back and ready to re-engage with you. 2020 was a year that challenged all of us. Whether it was physically, emotionally, or spiritually, this last year, was one many would like to forget. As we reflect on 2020, we are reminded of the one who is in control. God is God, and we are not. We are calling all men of St. John’s to ReUp their commitment to the Lord. An opportunity to reconnect with guys, re-establish our foundation in our faith and to be reminded of the great love our Father has for us.

The prefix “Re” means “again” or “back to the original place.” The theme “ReUp” is not a question for us to consider. It is a reminder of our Confirmation in Faith; who we are and what it means to live our life as a Christian. Gentlemen, whether you have attended in the past or are considering attending for the first time, prayerfully consider joining us this year. It will prove to be a weekend that you won’t regret.

Pack your duffle, a coffee mug and Bible. This is going to be an impactful experience that will reinforce your faith, reunite you with your brothers in Christ, and reaffirm your faith in our Father. Men: It’s time to ReUp!

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