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Red Letter Challenge

At the beginning of Lent, each student in our 8th grade class was given a copy of the Red Letter Challenge, and they used this as their “text book” for Christian Education class. Maybe some of you remember doing the Red Letter Challenge (RLC) as a member of our congregation. This book serves as a guide to a 40-day discipleship journey. The idea is to spend 40 days in the words of Jesus and put them into action through five main principles of being a disciple: Being, Forgiving, Serving, Giving, and Going.

Each week the class would make its way through a new principle; bouncing in between daily reading, discussions, and small group videos to better understand God’s call as a disciple. We worked to challenge each other to put the principles into action the best we could. We lived out “Being” in God’s word with a distraction free listening activity in the sanctuary. The students showed “Serving” by reaching out to the construction workers on 5th Avenue with doughnuts. The class experienced “Giving” by understanding the relationship of life and offering, and seeing ways to bless people around the world with socks.

The 8th grade class learned that there are countless ways to live out the principles of being a disciple of Jesus. What a blessing it is for all the kids of our school to know that following Jesus is a head, heart and hands activity throughout all of life. What a blessing it is for our school to be a place of Discipleship in as Many Places as Possible!