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Worship Protocols

Dear Friends in Christ,

As we bask in the light of the resurrection and rejoice in the hope that we have in Christ, we’d like to share the next set of worship protocols in light of the recent State Supreme Court decision concerning the mask mandate.

  1. Masks will continue to be encouraged during all worship services.
  2. The balcony will be a mask required section for all worship services.
  3. Those involved in leadership will wear masks whenever they are in close proximity to others (Communion Distribution, etc.)
  4. Worshippers will be able to seat themselves wherever they deem appropriate.
  5. Communion distribution will return to a continuous line format.
  6. The greeting & sharing of the peacetime will return as worshippers see fit.

We ask that you respect your fellow brothers and sisters’ boundaries and concerns in Christ with all of these protocols. Some will be more comfortable than others. Some will shake hands while others will not. As members of the same body, please treat your fellow worshippers as ones for whom Christ died and was raised as we “seek to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace.” (Ephesians 4:3)

The Pastoral Team and Worship Ministry