Leadership within St. John’s family can be a blessed opportunity to experience discipleship growth as the Lord’s leadership is experienced within St. John’s structure. All St. John’s ministry leaders receive direct support from St. John’s staff, as well as opportunities for protection and encouragement through the St. John’s covenantal system.

Have you considered joining a St. John’s ministry? Check out the web site to be introduced to the many ministries of St. John’s and the godly leaders who are “connecting, caring, and sharing in Christ.” The following groups are those whose leadership is by election or appointment.


St. John’s Leadership Board - Serves as trustee on behalf of St. John’s, ensuring the successful creation and implementation of God’s mission and vision. The nine members are elected by the congregation for three year terms; officers elected by Leadership Board members.

Spiritual Health Ministry Team - Serves as an extension of St. John’s pastoral office, reaching out to members who are in crisis or are missing out on the Lord’s Word and Gifts in worship; members appointed by Leadership Board.

St. John’s Foundation Board - Serves as leader for St. John’s Foundation whose mission is to “support and advance the mission and vision of St. John’s for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.” Board Directors are appointed by St. John’s Leadership Board.

If you are interested in leadership or just have some general questions, you are encouraged to speak with Pastor Jeff Hesse at 262-334-4901 or by email using the Contact Form