Men’s Retreat: REMAIN

St. John’s continues to be blessed by the ministry partnership of Lutheran Hour Ministries. This year our retreat is rooted in that partnership as Jason Broge introduces us to LHM’s latest resource titled “Households of Faith,” within the context of our retreat; “REMAIN.” So, why is this relevant to you?

Because regardless of your age or demographic, you know how hard it is to REMAIN while immersed in a world and culture of constant and sometimes chaotic change. Does your faith ever waiver? Is it a struggle to stay spiritually vibrant, let alone influence others to do the same? Do the demands of work, family, and relationships challenge your ability to stay rooted in faith while also growing in God’s gift and promise?

Yeah, us too! Using the imagery of a strong and established vine, Jesus said, “Remain in me, as I also remain in you.” The challenges are real, yet amidst the trials, failures, successes, and joys, He remains our strength and life. Intertwined together, we have support as those who have been grafted in, are being cared for, and growing within the vine of His “Household of Faith.”