The War on Family

We welcome Dr. Anthony Horvath as our keynote presenter for Discipleship Hour on January 8, 15, and 22. Dr. Horvath is the Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, as well as an author and presenter. His Family Ministry journey started with his commitment to the choice of life, when he and his wife were presented with the decision to terminate their first child who was diagnosed with spina bifida. That moment lit a fire in Dr. Horvath and set him on the path to mentor Christians in a world where the Christian concept of family is at war with society’s new definition. Dr. Horvath will be leading us in a four week look into “The War on Family.” Pastor Kellerman will be wrapping up our “The War on Family” study on January 29.

We will focus on:
“The Stakes” describing the popularity of “Feel Good” religions, what they have done to our culture, and the corresponding disintegration of the family.

“The Attack” describing how the institution of the family has been deliberately undermined and how research shows that the intact families with a biblically grounded father are more likely to transmit the faith to the next generation.

“The Response” describing the need for Christian parents to take the initiative in equipping their own children in the faith in a post-Christian world.
Please join us for kick off of our next Disciple Hour and living the vision of “Discipleship in as many places as possible.”

“The Takeaway” describing how “The War on Family” relates to the Family of St. John’s personally, congregationally, and in our community.

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