Bethania Kids (India)

Bethania operates orphanages in five cities in India. St. John’s has partnered with them for many years. We travel to South India and care for the children… reaching out to them with the love of Jesus. We also help them with English skills, provide water purifiers and provide some financial support to orphans accepted to universities so they can grow and impact their communities as Christian leaders. To learn more about our partner in ministry, click here.
Check out the St. John’s Global Missions web page for more information.

If you are interested in joining a mission team or just have some general questions, you are encouraged to speak with Alan Lull at 262-334-4901 or by email using the Contact Form

Colegio Luz y Vida, Salquil Grande, Guatemala

A little over a decade ago St. John’s sent a mission team to the remote mountain community of Salquil Grande, Guatemala to support the work of Dr. Solderling who served the needs of women following a violent civil war. A connection was made with a Christian school that was founded in 2004 on Christian principles, respect for the Ixil culture, community solidarity, and bilingual teaching. It is the only Christian school in the highlands where students learn both in their mother tongue, Ixil, and in the national language of Guatemala, Spanish.

The connection strengthened and in 2014 a mission group returned to Salquil to nourish the relationship between St. John’s Elementary & Middle School and Colegio Luz y Vida. Our administrator, Mrs. Oldenettel, spent five days observing, interacting, and sharing Jesus with the teachers and children at the school. The students at St. John’s made a virtual trip to the school through a special skype session. This relationship continues today through weekly Skype sessions where both sets of students practice Spanish and learn more about one another. We are truly unidos en Christo.

To learn more about our partner in ministry, click here.

Check out the St. John’s Global Missions web page for more information regarding missions trips.

Concordia Seminary (St. Louis)

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is blessed with two fine seminaries in the United States. St. John’s enjoys a vibrant partnership with Concordia Seminary located in St. Louis, Missouri. Seminary faculty members have served as presenters for St. John’s sponsored events for professional church workers, lay leaders, and the others among the baptized. Beyond presenting, Concordia Seminary faculty members and staff continue to resource discipleship at St. John’s through online and written materials, as well as through professional consultation.

St. John’s is also blessed to partner with Concordia Seminary in various initiatives, including SMP (Specific Ministry Pastor) program, Love the Sem Day and Immersion- a ten week mentoring program for second year students.

You are encouraged to check out more information about the great work of Concordia Seminary through their website, as well as specific discipleship resources found under the Resource tab of the home page.

Prof Insights: Faculty-Led Workshop – Professor Meyer in West Bend, WI

June 9-June 11, 2022 at St. John's Lutheran Church

Click here for more workshop information.

Concordia University Wisconsin

The Concordia University System (CUS) is comprised of 10 colleges and universities affiliated with the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. St. John’s is blessed to have a Concordia right in our backyard. We have such a unique connection with CUW, in that, many of our members have a relationship with Concordia University Wisconsin. Whether it is through a degree, employment, sending their own children, attending an athletic event, or CUW students coming to St. John’s to serve, we have a special relationship with CUW. To find out more information about partner in ministry, Concordia University Wisconsin, click here.

Living Word High School

Mission Statement: Living Word Lutheran High School provides quality Christian education for lifelong leadership and service in God’s kingdom

Living Word is one of 130 domestic and international LCMS Lutheran High Schools operating today. The students who attend Living Word are cared for and given opportunities to succeed at every turn. All Living Word students receive real world experience as they prepare for college and beyond with Jesus Christ at the center of their lives. With Living Word in such close proximity to St. John’s, this has created many unique partnership opportunities, and we are proud to say Living Word is our high school.

Here are a few facts about our relationship and the students from St. John’s who have attended Living Word.

  • St. John’s was a founding Association congregation, dating back to 2001
  • Roughly $600,000 in college scholarships awarded to Living Word graduates from St. John’s
  • To date, there have been 118 Living Word graduates who grew up as a St. John’s kid
  • St. John’s played a major role in developing Living Word’s Praise and Worship Team. Since its inception in 2012, a St. John’s student has been a part of this group.
  • The 1st (3) 1000 point scores in basketball (2 boys and 1 girl) and the 1st 1000 yard football rusher were St. John’s students.
  • 13 lead roles in the 29 drama productions to date, have been championed by a St. John’s young adult.

To find out more information about partner in ministry, Living Word, click here.

Lutheran Church Extension Fund

Mission Statement

The mission of Lutheran Church Extension Fund is to support The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod by ensuring that financial resources and related services are available now and in the future.

Investing in a strong LCMS community

LCEF empowers LCMS ministries with every dollar invested. And with nearly 60,000 investors, we’ve been able to make a difference for thousands of ministries. We provide customized loans and support services to new and growing ministries as well as loans for Rostered Church Workers who dedicate their lives to sharing the Gospel.

Securing your financial future

Our generous investors and dedicated loan customers have made it possible for us to maintain a strong capital position. We offer competitive rates and ensure your invested funds remain accessible and in your control. With LCEF, you experience the benefits of working with an established financial institution while growing the LCMS.

Supporting you around the clock

LCEF offers secure, 24/7 online access to investments and loans through MyAccount. View balances and statements, complete transactions and even receive alerts when payments are due. Communicate directly with dedicated LCEF staff members who share your faith and values to ensure your stewardship efforts are always well-informed and free of stress.

Lutheran Hour Ministries

Lutheran Hour Ministries began at the grassroots level as the Lutheran Laymen’s League, a group of 12 laypeople who came together to support the church in word and deed. What began with 12 has become a movement of tens of thousands of volunteers and supporters around the globe. In 1930, “There is a God” were the first words spoken on The Lutheran Hour® radio program broadcast over the airwaves to thousands of listeners. Today the Gospel message reaches over 125 million people on a weekly basis through ministry efforts such as Bible Correspondence Courses, Outreach Training, Bible Studies, Daily Devotions and, of course, The Lutheran Hour.

Our first Ministry Center opened its doors in the Philippines in 1940; today we are able to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to over 50 countries through our ministry centers on 6 continents. With our unique missionary model of employing only indigenous staff, Lutheran Hour Ministries is able to work within the language and culture to communicate the Gospel in the context of the local region. For over 100 years, God has used Lutheran Hour Ministries to bring the changeless Christ to a changing world. The communication methods have shifted, but the message has remained the same.

Sonshine Community Park

Mission Statement: Providing Wholesome Family Recreation in the Heart of the City.

A Gift to West Bend

St. John’s has been blessed by the West Bend community for over 150 years. Sonshine Community Park is one way St. John’s is giving back. It provides a great way to partner with other fine community organizations and businesses in providing wholesome family recreation.

What Brought St. John’s to this Point

The St. John’s playground was used, not only by our school children, but also by the children living in the Hawthorn and Decorah neighborhoods for over 50 years. When St. John’s expanded and built the new Early Childhood Center in 2013, the old playground was razed. This created the opportunity for St. John’s to continue to live out is vision statement of Discipleship in as Many Places as Possible by providing a haven of recreation in the heart of the city.

Benefits for the Community of West Bend

  • Provide open access to all children through ADA accessible play equipment for ages 5 and up
  • Continue to partner with the community by providing access to athletic fields
  • Increase outreach through organized sports for children and adults
  • Offer a safe environment for families to spend time together


Celebrating Families Fence

Sonshine Community Park has also created an opportunity for families to support the park in a very tangible way. The Celebrating Families fence has been constructed around three-quarters of the playground portion of the park, to assist parents in “keeping an eye” on their child(ren). The fence also provides a chance to praise God for the gift of families. Individuals and families have the opportunity to purchase a single picket or multiple pickets. Click the Picket Order Form to learn more about purchasing your picket.

IIf you are interested in learning more about Sonshine Community Park or just have some general questions, you are encouraged to speak with Pastor Jeff Hesse at 262-334-4901 or by email using the Contact Form

South Wisconsin District

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church In West Bend, Wisconsin belongs to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). The LCMS has divided its congregations into 35 districts; 33 of which are regional. Wisconsin, due to its large number of LCMS congregations, is divided into two districts: North Wisconsin District and South Wisconsin District. St. John's belongs to the South Wisconsin District (SWD) of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. For more information on the structure, purpose, and workings of the SWD visit their website at