St. John’s highly values Youth Ministry! Our hope is to disciple families and their children by Connecting, Caring, and Sharing in Christ. We believe that Discipleship in as Many Places as Possible starts at the baptismal font, is best taught and nurtured in the home, and is blessed by the Lord through His Church where His means of grace… forgiveness of sins and spiritual strength is received by faith. Christians are called by Jesus… and follow Him… and we teach what Jesus commands. Following Jesus overflows into all of life… starting in childhood.

At every event we try to build up and equip families / youth to meet the daily struggles of life. We weave in God’s truths with humor and team-building activities to make this ministry attractive and meaningful. Having a safe place where kids can learn who they are (a dearly loved child of the God) is also a major value. Know that you… and your child are loved by the Lord… and His love will be shared and lived out at St. John’s!

If you are interested in joining our youth ministry opportunities, or just have some general questions regarding this ministry, you are encouraged to speak with Alan Lull at 262-334-4901 or by email using the Contact Form.

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“TAG” (1st - 3rd Graders)

TAG meets on Saturdays from 3:00pm to 4:30pm in the Church on the 1st Floor. TAG means that Jesus Tags us and we are His, like “TAG You’re it!” This exciting ministry has a ton of laughter and joy in it. TAG also utilizes Biblical truths throughout that connect a life of discipleship to life as a young child growing in faith. You will find two primary things at TAG:

  1. A clear presentation of who Jesus is and what he has done for us.
  2. Extremely wild and crazy activities such as “Mess Night”, “Ninja – Nerf Gun”, “Minute-2-Win-It”, etc.

TAG makes faith real and alive in the Word… Jesus Christ! WOW… who doesn’t want that for their children?!

“BASH” (4th - 7th Graders)

BASH meets every other Friday nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm in the Church on the 1st Floor. Every Junior High Youth wants to have fun at a huge party – that’s why we call it “BASH”! We play some creative and outrageous games and participate in great team building activities. We laugh; we sing… we have fun while we integrate Jesus Christ and His love into the lives of young people. Make no mistake about it… this group will have a blast growing in their faith in this small group and large group games-oriented Bible study! We also have weekend retreats and mission trips to be part of throughout the year.

Sunday Morning Discipleship Hour (Junior High)

9:25 am up in the resource room at the Early Childhood Center is the place to be; Junior High Youth start off with passionate Bible lessons and praise music… then we move to the 4th grade room for the last 40 minutes. We examine what it means follow Jesus… real world… as God’s Word and His promises penetrate into the lives of our young people. This is very interactive. We share our lives of faith and look forward together with joy and excitement to what Jesus has planned for us.

SR. HIGH (8th – 12th Graders)

Sr. High Youth Night – We meet on the first Saturday of the first full weekend of the month from 7:00-9:00pm in the Lower Level of the church. Each month we have exciting games and activities, open gym, and fellowship time, as well as time to dig into God’s word together. It’s always a great night full of fun, fellowship, and faith!
Youth Night PLUS – Each month after our All Youth event on the second Saturday, Sr. Highers are encouraged to stay for some extra hangout time in the youth room. Games, food, and laughs are always to be had during Youth Night PLUS! Ends at 9:30pm.


Every 2nd Saturday of the month, youth of all ages come together for a fantastic night of incredible fun! Parents are encouraged to stay and participate too! We meet from 6:30-8:00pm. Sr. High youth, stay after for Youth Night PLUS!

Drama Team / Live Loud

St. John’s has a very energetic Drama Team that shares the promises of Jesus by traveling throughout West Bend and surrounding cities and putting on amazing skits. Please join us in planning… or participating in our next performance.

Get Plugged In

These youth events are NOT our entire Youth Ministry. There are so many other places for youth to get plugged in with the St. John’s family. Whether it’s sports, missions, small groups, music, AV/tech….there is a place to connect with their gifts and talents. All of the ministries here at St. John’s have opportunities for connecting with mentors, giving and receiving care to others, and growing in faith as the Word of God is shared.

Youth IN Ministry… growing as faithful followers of Jesus in all of life!